Canadian National Parks On The Air 2019
(CNPOTA 2019)

Updated 14 January 2019, 2000 UTC

CNPOTA 2019 Google Earth KML File
VA3KGB's CNPOTA 2019 Logger

A group of Amateurs in Nova Scotia had a limited/no budget idea for activating Canadian National Parks and Historic Sites based on the ARRL Parks On The Air (POTA) program. In the Canadian effort, 220 parks and sites were selected by their committee. This program runs for the full year 2019 starting January 1, 2019. Originally there were 219 parks and sites but one more was added in late December 2018.

The challenge is to see how many of these parks and sites can be activated and for Parks chasers how many will you make contact with. Any Amateur can activate a Park/Site following the rules as set out by the CNPOTA 2019 and Parks Canada. There are several park/site combinations that allow for activation of both at the same time by the same activator!

There is a Leaderboard on the CNPOTA 2019 web site so you can see where you stand as a chaser. Certificates as Activators and Chasers will be electronic only and logs must be uploaded to the CNPOTA 2019 web site (Free registration).

For the rules and more information see the CNPOTA 2019 web site at

CNPOTA on Facebook, closed, group, select link to join.

Google Earth KML File:
Download a KML file for the 220 sites so you can view them in Google Earth.
Includes CNPOTA IDs, location coordinates, and links to site information web pages.
Note that co-ordinates may be off slightly but should be close enough to be in the general location.
Download CNPOTA_2019.kml.

See the CNPOTA Parks and sites on Google Maps (KML file not required).
Open CNPOTA Parks and sites on Google Maps.

VA3KGB's CNPOTA 2019 Logger:
This is an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of your CNOPTA 2019 contacts, status of contacts and any activations. In addition, it will generate sequential ADIF formatted log files (contacts since last ADIF log file generated) to upload to the CNPOTA 2019 web site.
Version 1.0 is for casual CNPOTA 2019 chasers and the status tracks only the Parks and Historic Sites.
Version 2.0 will be for the avid chaser for those who wish to track Parks and Historic Sites by individual Band and Mode (Phone, Digital, and CW). Version 2.0 is currently being coded and will be posted when completed.
Download VA3KGB's CNPOTA 2019 Logger V1.0.

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