Enigma Reloaded Special Event
Call Sign - VE3RCS

Updated 13 November 2019, 2300 UTC

Associazione Radioamatori Italiani
Associazione Radioamatori Italiani


Sixth edition - from 27 September to 12 October 2019
www.enigma-reloaded.it/index_eng.html (English)
www.enigma-reloaded.it (Italian)

180 contacts were made by Greg, VE3PJ; Rob, VE3SCN; and Chip, VA3KGB.
The Kingston ARC used the call VE3RCS, of the Amateur Radio Station
at the Military Communications and Electronic Museum at CFB Kingston
as an Egnima Reloaded Activating Station.
A four rotor Enigma is on display at the museum.

Enigma Reloaded - Click to see poster full size


The organizers of the Enigma Event aim to promote the history of the Enigma cipher machine, its role in the Second World War and those who have contributed to its deciphering, through the participation of the maximum number of amateur radio activators around the world; the organization of dissemination activities related to the Enigma machine and to cryptography is also encouraged.

The Enigma Event will take place in two steps:

1: From September 27th to October 11th 2019 a “plain text” radio Award will take place, during which the “Activating Stations” will be On Air in order to allow the participants to gather their points for the final award’s score.

“Activating Stations” are defined as:
- Radio stations located at the organizers’ seats;
- Radio stations paired with a real (phisically existing) ENIGMA machine, located in museums or privately owned.

In this first part of the event, the Activating Stations will be as much active On the Air as possible, operating from their own QTH or seat, using the callsign of their Radio Club or a special callsign.

2: On October 12th, 2019, the final day, the Activating Stations will exchange with each other “codified”, messages in clarified code, encrypted by means of the ENIGMA chipher machine or virtual Enigma, using CW emission mode (Telegraphy).

Whenewer possible and technically feasible the Activating Stations are reccomended to operate from the museum or private owner where the ENIGMA machine paired to the Activating Station itself is located, to make the operations openly visible to the general public.

During this final event’s day Amateur Radio stations paired with a “virtual”, or emulated ENIGMA machine will be able to make radio contacts with the Activating Stations present On Air.

For full details of this event, rules, awards, Enigmas settings for coding/decoding, and virtual Enigma machines see the event website at:

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