VG3SJAM Special Event Station

Updated 1 February 2015, 2345 UTC

Special Event Station
Bicentennial of Sir John A. Macdonald's Birth

QSL Information
QSO Audio Files

The special event call was operational from 1 January to 31 January 2015 by Kingston A.R.C. members to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Sir John Alexander Macdonald's birthday (11 January 1815). Kingston was his home and the first capital city of Canada.

Links to Sir John A. Macdonald:
The following operated VG3SJAM on various modes and bands: VA3KGB, VA3LX, VA3MHB, VA3TIC, VE3CAK, VE3GO, VE3HEO, VE3KFS, VE3HST, VE3KGC, VE3N00, VE3UIN, and VE3WIO. There was a VG3SJAM to VC7SJAM contact made!

The membership poll was in favour of the QSL card front by Chip, VA3KGB, shown below, some re-arranging was done due to the online card generator program.

QSL Information


Amateurs who contact VG3SJAM will be able to download their QSL card with up to nine (9) contacts shown on the card.
Click here to go to the VG3SJAM online QSL Card Generator

SWL - send an email with the contact details you listened to and a QSL confirmation will be sent via email once QSO details are confirmed from our log.

If you wish a special event certificate emailed to you send an email to
vg3sjam atsymbol with the contact details.
(replace atsymbol and remove spaces in email address)

The online log is not complete as there are still logs to be submitted and entered, so if your QSO is not found, check back later. When all logs have been entered it will be noted here.

The other QSL card designs submitted were:
Carlyle, VE3WIO QSL design      Paul, VA3LX QSL design
               Carlyle, VE3WIO                                      Paul, VA3LX

QSO Audio Files

CW QSO between F5KEE and VG3SJAM on 28.035 MHz 10 Jan 2015 approx 1450 UTC (MP3 format) recorded by Shortwave Listener (SWL) Ruud in the Netherlands using a JRC.NRD-545 receiver with a MLB 100m wire antenna.

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