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Updated 30 June 2006, 0200 UTC
"Field Day 2006 was a great success for us. 308 contacts in a 24-hour period, but we didn't operate round the clock, we took a six-hour break.  Attendance by club members was dismal, hence the six hour break to catch up on some much needed sleep; in fact we had more non-ham visitors to the site than Hams !

We built and erected two dipoles. The first one was a multiband fan-dipole built for 80 - 40 - 20; this was strung up at about 60' on a north/south axis. The second dipole we built was also a multiband fan-dipole built for 40 - 20, this was strung up at about 50' on an east/west axis, and was built with "zip-cord". Both dipoles worked extremely well.

We also had an army surplus 40 metre vertical, with which we laid out three random length radials. This vertical was superb. It had a 1.1 to 1.2 SWR right across the band. We worked Italy and Germany on this vertical amongst the other contacts. Barry - VE3NWV operated Marine Mobile from his boat while tied up at Don's dock.

Plans are already being made for next year. We plan on adding a 10 - 6 metre operating station to add to our score.

Many thanks to Don - VE3MNE for hosting the event at his cottage, and thanks to VA3ZE, VE3BLR, VE3CLQ and VE3NWV for attending and operating those long hours. Thanks also to VE3GJA and VE3PWR for visiting us early Sunday morning....next time bring your cw key Bruce !! "


Don - VE3MNE's
Field Day Station

Bill - VE3CLQ's
Field Day Station

Tom - VA3ZE's
Field Day Station

Don - VE3MNE hard at work

Leo - VE3BLR hard at work on Tom's BIG rig


VE3CLQ at work


Tri Band Fan Dipole


VE3NWV Maritime Mobile

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